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Why We Founded SAMEWAY

We founded SAMEWAY because we love city living but also love getting out of the city on weekends. If you do not own a car, your transportation options are limited to carshare and rental car which are both expensive.

Our founding team members are all parents and we’ve discovered that whether it’s a solo trip, an adventure with friends or bringing the kids along on our adventures, escaping the city for a day or weekend is an incredibly rewarding experience. Personally, seeing my three-year daughter catch her first native brook trout in the White Mountains and ride the magic carpet at Killington have been among my most rewarding life experiences. She’s ridden in a backpack up Mount Monadnock (we skipped the very end for safety reasons) and snowshoed through forest and open fields in Pittsfield, VT. As a father, I’ve seen confidence grow in a young girl who enjoys both city living and weekend excursions. Her curiosity of nature and outdoor activities are innate, and for a lot of us city dwellers, it can be tough to escape and keep that natural curiosity alive.

Ride sharing has transformed the way we get around cities and fundamentally made transportation better. We now have reliable vehicle transportation to get to work, yoga class, restaurants, shops and our friends’ homes within city limits. However, the options to get outside our metro area are limited to rental cars, car share, and public transit that doesn’t always provide enough flexibility or options. You could always own a car but that carries an $800 burden a month in car payments, parking and insurance before you even put gas in it.

Both rental cars and carshare are good solutions because they save you money compared to vehicle ownership and reduce the number of personally-owned vehicles and CO2 emissions. However, they can get expensive really quickly if you live in a city with all-in rental costs ranging from $125 to $250 per day.

So, along comes SAMEWAY! We want you to continue to explore your innate curiosity of events, nature and destinations outside your city. With SAMEWAY, you can do it more frequently, for less money and in a socially-conscious manner.

Own a car? Connect with people 2-3 miles from you, share your weekend day trip and make $50 to $150.

Need a ride? Explore day trips, choose your ride and cut your costs in half.

You can always rent a car and share the cost of your day trip!

Wherever your passion lies outside the city, use SAMEWAY to do it more frequently and for less money.

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Co-Founder and CEO SAMEWAY

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