SAMEWAY Weekend Carpool App Rules

Rules On The SAMEWAY Road

SAMEWAY is a community that connects people to share rides and skip town… just for a day. We are often asked about the rules on the SAMEWAY road… “what are they exactly?”

For starters, everyone using SAMEWAY must be 18 years of age or older, and SAMEWAY Trip Creators must have a valid driver’s license and adequate insurance coverage. See our terms and conditions here.

Unlike rental cars, we do not impose restrictions and do not price trips higher for people under the age of 25. We believe age should not be a factor in ability to access events and destinations outside the city. Arguably rates should be cheaper for college students, not cost prohibitive… we could have all used a bit of a financial break in our college days. If you are concerned about someone’s driving experience we encourage you to browse both destinations and reviews to find the best match for your day trip.

What’s a SAMEWAY Trip Creator’s responsibility?

Simple… to get you from your pick-up address to the destination. Oh, and they are committing to getting you back the same day, leaving your destination at the posted pickup time. You are welcome to ski, hike or hang out at Levitate Music Festival together, for example, but no expectations! We are connecting like-minded people going to the same destination for the day so who knows, you may meet someone really cool and want to hang.

So, what about music?

Connect your Spotify, make a mixed tape or rotate DJ’s. This is your call and maybe you will find a new band you love. Any disagreements and the SAMEWAY Trip Creator has veto rights. We are also available to make music recommendations and able to resolve musical disputes. If you contact support they will likely recommend Bob Dylan or Mandolin Orange.

What if someone cancels or needs to change the trip time?

Cancelling on a SAMEWAY trip is kinda like ghosting on a date after you’ve me the parents. It’s just not right….

While there’s arguably no monetary impact for cancelling on a date, cancelling a SAMEWAY trip comes along with a fee. $50 if you cancel before the trip starts and $100 for cancelling on the return trip.

And if your SAMEWAY trip is cancelled while you are at your destination, don’t worry we will get you home with a car service or even come pick you up ourselves!

If someone needs to change their return time we encourage you to try to work it out together. If you cannot reach an agreement please contact us at and we will match you with a different return ride.

Oh and keep cars clean…. Do we really need to say that!?

Have fun on your next day trip outside the city!

Co-Founder and CEO SAMEWAY

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